Regarding the session ID at the end of the URL
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Regarding the session ID at the end of the URL


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When we check on PPM 15.6 then we can see the session ID on the tail of URL as follows.

1. I can see the session ID and is it the issue on PPM function ?
From the view point of security, I believe that the session ID should not be shown as previous version.
2. Can we make invisible the session ID by any settings ? 

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PPM 15.6.


This was implemented to fix See DE46446. It is a GUID used by the system to identify which tab is hosting the app.
And the information at the end session is not vulnerable because even if you know session you cannot do anything.

Then this behavior is implemented on 15.6 and is not a bug.
And I am afraid that you do not have any way not to show the session information.


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