How to increase Java Memory available to CORA Cleanup
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How to increase Java Memory available to CORA Cleanup


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Steps to increase Java memory available to CORA Cleanup utility


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 and 17.x
All Supported Operating Systems


1. Navigate to the NX_ROOT\bin folder and take a backup of the CORACLEANUP.CMD file 
2. Edit the CORACLEANUP.CMD file to add the -Xmx1024m parameter. The command should now look like: 

"%NX_JRE_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/java""false -Xms64M -Xmx1024M" -DLOG_CONFIG_DIR="%NX_ROOT%/site/cora_cfg" -ea -classpath "%NX_ROOT%/java/lib/corajava.jar;%NX_ROOT%/java/lib/cora_util.jar;%NX_ROOT%/java/lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar;%NX_ROOT%/java/lib/ojdbc14.jar;%NX_ROOT%/java/lib/sqljdbc.jar" %args%

3. Save changes

Couple of notes:

1.  At the present time, CORA cannot use 64-bit Java since some of the CORA DLLs and binaries will NOT work with 64-bit Java as CORA is a 32-bit application
2.  No user/process should have access to create/update CIs while CORA cleanup is running

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