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After regenerating under CA Gen 8.5 receiving a return code of AEYY abend


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


Made changes to an existing module under the Gen 8.5 release and now receiving an abend with a code of AEYY. The question here is there something that is incorrect with the following code: Here’s the call we think is failing:

Here are the steps:
1.  Regenerated a program in Gen 8.5 that is calling other Gen code.
2. The RI trigger is working correctly but the program is failing just after the RI trigger is executed when calling TIDDAQUE
3. The program fails with an AEYY not allocated abend.




After the data modeler changed the RI from DBMS enforced to Gen enforced and regenerated & installed about 20 RI triggers the problem was resolved.  Sometimes a mixture of Gen and DBMS enforced triggers can cause system abends of this nature.  Also when the offending call is TIDDAQUE, suggest regenerating triggers on both ends of the entity and relationships.