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Why is there a difference in the number of devices between Report Manager and a Locater Search?


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CA Spectrum


Why is there a difference in the device count when I do a Locater Search for All Accountable Models and when I run an Asset Report from Report Manager?


Spectrum 10.2.x
Spectrum 10.3.x
Spectrum Report Manager


The default Locater Searches 'All devices' (under Devices) and 'All Accountable Models' (under Models) will show the results of models with IP addresses only.
The SRM Asset Report will display devices that are based upon model handles.
In some customer environments it is possible that a device will have two model handles but only a single ip address.  An example of this is an ESX server will have the SNMP device model and the VHM model, so it would be displayed twice in Spectrum Report Manager.
If you are interested in creating a Locater search to match the count of the Asset Report,  Engineering recommends to create a Locater Search based on Model Class.