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Can CA Service Desk Manager Risk Survey be made mandatory on Change Orders?


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Can CA Service Desk Manager Risk Survey be made mandatory on Change Orders?


CA Service Desk Manager 14.x and 17.x
All Supported Operating Systems


Although there is no way to make a Risk Survey mandatory per se, a workaround is to use Dependent Attribute Control on a Change Order status to achieve the desired result. 

There is a field named ‘Risk’ on the detail page of the Change Order. This field is not editable and is evaluated based on the answers provided in the Risk Survey. 

So, considering the above point and considering that the initial status of a Change Order is usually ‘RFC’, the following could be done: 

1. Via ADMINISTRATION->SERVICE DESK->CHANGER ORDERS->STATUS, select the status usually used after the RFC status. Usually, the next status used is ‘Approved’, but you can use any status. 

2. Select ‘2. Change Order Dependent Attribute Control’ tab on the Approved status and create a new Dependent Attribute for the Risk field/attribute 

a. Click CREATE NEW 
b. In the ATTRIBUTE lookup field, type 'Risk' and select the Risk field/attribute that is suggested by autocomplete 
c. Check the REQUIRED checkbox 
d. Click SAVE 

3. Now, when a Change Order is created and the category associated has a risk survey, when the analyst/user tries to change the status of the Change Order from RFC to Approved and the Risk Survey has NOT been completed, an error message will be displayed: 

AHD03121: Required dependent attribute risk is missing from object Change Order. Please cancel and populate the risk field. 

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NOTE: Analysts/users need to know that the risk field can be populated ONLY by completing and submitting the Risk Survey.