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CA XCOM r11 SP00 fails with error CEE9901 after upgrade to i5/OS v7.3


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XCOM Data Transport


After successfully running XCOM r11 SP00 on i5/OS v5.4, upgraded OS to i5/OS v7.3 and encountered error CEE9901.
The joblog shows:
Transfer request received from job 022715/<USER>/TCP08044. Remote 
user is <USER> on host nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn ... 
5000 - RETURN 
Space offset X'00000000' or X'00008000420040A0' is outside current limit 
for object TCP08044SLBPCSECOF 022716. 
Application error. MCH0601 unmonitored by CAXC2TCP at statement 
0000000004, instruction X'0000'. 
Function check. CEE9901 unmonitored by XCOMTSLV at statement *N, 
instruction X'0105'. 
Message CEE9901 in called program QLEAWI (C D F G).


CA XCOM Data Transport for AS/400 r11 SP00 under i5/OS v7.3
(XCOMVER output: CA-XCOM r11 GENLVL 0710 SP00)


Only XCOM r11 SP02 is certified on i5/OS v7.3 


After upgrade from XCOM r11 SP00 to r11 SP02 the CEE9901 error was resolved.