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TDOD service is not starting up in new 4.8 GT Server


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


TDOD service is not starting up in new upgraded 4.8 GT Server. We need TDoD service running to save ARD flows to TDM Repository and expose them as self-service in TDM Portal.
Is there is a new service url that can be used in ARD, instead of TDoD service url.?


User privilege on the TDoD service.


TDM 4.8


Option 1: If you have taken backup for the TDoD config file before the upgrade, Just replace the file.
Option 2: Go to C:\Gridtools\TDoD\Services Configure the Database values and the portal values correctly.

Verify that the users have privileges to start/stop the services.  For windows,  Using Domain Accounts  or Local Account.