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Schedule started by ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT remains in _Waiting for start time_ and does nothing until first period turnaround


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


If a schedule is started via ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT, the schedule remains in waiting for start time instead of going into an active status.

To reproduce:
A schedule (JSCH) contains a script. The script should start at 15:50: 
The schedule itself is started by a script using command ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT with a start time.
You start the script with ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT at ca 08:32. The script ends immediately, and the schedule is started and in status _Waiting for start time_: 
The expectation is, that at 08:40 the schedule starts and at 08:45 the schedule starts the script. However, nothing happens. The schedule stays in _Waiting for start time_. Only after the period turnaround on the next day, the schedule starts and executes its tasks. 


Component: AAUTEN


This issue can be worked around by directly executing the schedule, not via a script.

The issue was found and fixed with:

Automation.Engine 12.1.5 in AutomationEngine released 05-20-2019
Automation.Engine 12.2.3 in AutomationEngine pending release. 

Hotfix-Description: Schedule does not start at defined start time

An error has been fixed where a Schedule started with "Execute once" and a specific start time does not start at the defined time, at the first period turnaround.