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Filetransfer aborts due to: U02003041 Invalid 'kvs_append[lseek()/write()]' call, file name '/var/log/uc4exec/out/FTAALPPLT.sts'. Error code: ('9' - 'Bad file descriptor')


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When performing a file transfer on Unix systems that will allow for resume functionality, which creates a status store (.sts) file, the transfer can fail with:

U02003041 Invalid 'kvs_append[lseek()/write()]' call, file name '/var/log/uc4exec/out/FTAALPPLT.sts'. Error code: ('9' - 'Bad file descriptor') 


This is due to an internal timing issue where both the transfer and the status store are updated out of order, ending with the .sts file having an incorrect descriptor. 


Component: AAUTEN


As a workaround, the transfers can be restarted and in most cases this will resolve this issue.

The issue was found and fixed with

Automation.Engine 12.1.5 in Agent Unix released 05-20-2019
Automation.Engine 12.2.3 in Agent Unix pending release.

Hotfix-Description: File transfer fails with invalid kvs_append() call

An error has been fixed where a file transfer failed in call kvs_append[lseek()/write()].