Impossible login on AdminUI
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Impossible login on AdminUI


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We're running an AdminUI and after having changed the external
Administrator password, we can't login anymore in the AdminUI.

How can we solve this ?


AdminUI 12.8
Policy Server 12.8


You can modify the connection password for the External Admin Store as 
provided by our documentation : 

Update External Administrator Store Credentials 

  If the Administrative UI credentials for the external administrator 
  store change, submit the new credentials to the Administrative 
  UI. Otherwise the administrators lose access. 

  If you installed the Administrative UI using the stand-alone option, 
  that is, with the embedded JBoss server, the following utilities are 

  LDAP: The smjndisetup utility to update the directory server user 
  account credentials. 

  To update the directory server host system name or port information, 
  use the Administrative UI to recreate the connection to the external 
  administrator store. The smjndisetup utility cannot update host or 
  port information. 

  Update Directory Server Credentials 

  Update directory manager credentials with the smjndisetup utility. 

  Note: The smjndisetup utility can only update connection details 
  that were configured using the Administrative UI. You cannot use the 
  smjndisetup utility to create the connection credentials. Follow 
  these steps: 

  Log in to the Administrative UI host system. 

  Navigate to administrative_ui_home\CA\siteminder\adminui\bin. 
  administrative_ui_home specifies the Administrative UI installation 

  Run the following command: 

  smjndisetup.bat --reset-password 

  Do one of the following tasks: 

  Type the new directory user and press Enter. 
  Press Enter to accept the default user name. 
  Type the new password and press Enter. 
  Type y and press Enter. 

  The utility restarts the Administrative UI service. The utility also 
  updates the new directory connection details.

Make sure you have applied the modification requested on this KD :

  javax.naming.NamingException: LDAP response read timed out error in adminui server.log