Will Datacom backward recovery job write to the LXX?
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Will Datacom backward recovery job write to the LXX?


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Backout on half a million records in a Datacom table might be needed.
It is yet being determined if the vendor submitted this many records in the file on purpose or in error, it is also a strong possibility that a program will need to be written to remove these if they need to be removed.
If the records need to be removed by running DBUTLTY RECOVERY OPTION=BACKWARD,  will it cause log records be written in the logging file LXX?



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Yes, log records will be written for all transactions that are being undone by the DBUTLTY Backward Recovery job.
Should BACKWARD RECOVERY fail for some reason then Datacom needs to be able to backout what was done.
The problem can then be resolved and the Backward Recovery job can be restarted.

Additional Information

For more details on recovery , refer to RECOVERY (Rebuild a Database)