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How to clean up incorrect subscriptions to PMDB


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Someone has subscribed endpoints with special characters in the names to a PMDB.  It seems it is not possible to remove them by means of the regular sepmd command. For instance:

sepmd -u test_pmdb " |||"

Failed removing▒▒▒ ||| from Policy Model test_pmdb: Subscriber does not exist. 

How can I remove the incorrectly subscribed machines in this case ?



CA AC 12.X, CA PIM 12.X and CA PAM SC 14.X


There is no manual way of selectively deleting the different subscribers while leaving the other in place. The best option in this particular case is to completely wipe out the existing subscribers, truncate the updates.dat file and then recreate the subscriptions for the correct endpoint names. 

To carry out these actions please follow this procedure
  1. Truncate the updates.dat: 
                sepmd -t test_pmdb auto
  1. Stop the PMDB (secons -s will stop it in Windows and UNIX/Linux)
  2. Delete the subscribers.dat, subscribers.000 and subscribers.001 files
  3. Restart the PMDB (seload in UNIX/Linux or seosd -start in Windows)
  4. Resubscribe the correct endpoints and children databases
                sepms -s test_pmdb

Do this for all the correct endpoints and children databases which should be subscribed to the PMDB in consideration