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How to activate the Activity Notification "Service Target Exceeded"


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How to activate the Activity Notification "Service Target Exceeded", when a tcket was set with SLA=Violated?


Service Desk Manager 17.x


Procedure to activate the "Service Target Exceeded" Activity Notification: 

1. Create an Activity Association named: sla_violation 
a. in Object type Attribute set the field: sla_violation 
b. In activity Type, set Service Type Exceeded 
c. Object type: Request/Incident/Problem 

2. Go to the Activity Notification 'Service Type Exceeded and set it problely: 
a. in the rule, set the Contact to be notified 
b. in message template, set the automatic Notification to YES 

3. Create a new Event: 
a.set the desired condition to set the ticket as violated 
b. Set the actions on true to set the SLA=Violated 

4. Set an Area or a priority with a Service Type that contains this new created event above 

5. Open a new incident with attributes that matches with the evet condition