group or custom attribute values do not show up in Service Point
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group or custom attribute values do not show up in Service Point


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After selecting an attribute like group or a custom attribute in Service Point, the dropdown list does now show any values nor lets you type any thing there. How to provide values for such attributes?


CA Service Management 17.x


Function Access (in Service Point) to such attributes was not explicitly defined in Service Desk Manager.

If browser's Developer Tools were invoked, an error like this shows up:
GET http://hostname:9002/bui/grp?$filter=@commonNameField like '%%'&$select=id,commonNameField&$top=10 400 (Bad Request) 

Click on that gives an error like:
GET http://hostname:9002/bui/grp?$filter=@commonNameField like '%%'&$select=id,commonNameField&$top=10 400 (Bad Request)"

"IMS0001-Invalid Factory name."




Access to appropriate factory needs to be explicitly granted to Service Point interface via:

1) Service Desk Administration tab -> xFlow Interface-> General
2) Look for Configuration Key = empFactoryAccess
3) Configuration Value contains a list of all factories that can be accessed via Service Point.
4) Add appropriate additional factories that are needed in Service Point. 
5) Below factories are in that list out of the box:


For example, in the above case, group attribute did not allow any values to be displayed or typed. So, add the object "grp" at the end of the list and save the change.

So the Configuration Value now would look like:


6) Save the change, and restart xFlow Analyst Interface (xFlowServer)  service