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Can you copy the CA Top Secret Security file with DFDSS?


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


DFDSS Security file Copy.

We need to move the Top Secret Security Database from volumea to volumeb. Can this be done with DFDSS dump/restore or move/copy?.


Component: TSSMVS


If the device types of both dasds are the same (ie 3380 to 3380 or 3390 to 3390), you can use any bit by bit copy program like CA Brightstor, CA-ASM2, DFDSS, FDR, IEHMOVE to copy the (backup) security file.

You can issue a TSS MODI BACKUP command to take an immediate back up before copying the backup security file.

If the device types are different (ie 3380 to 3390), you will need to allocate a new security file on the new dasd and run TSSXTEND to copy the old (backup) security file to the newly allocated one. If this is the case, I will provide the steps necessary for this.

Once the (backup) security file is copied, you will need to do a temporary shutdown and restart of TSS pointing to the new file.