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DDM Database Save Failure


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


When using to save the DDM database, it fails.  You can see a similar stacktrace in the log:

190506 16:18:30 MAIN    INFO: An exceptional situation is detected therefore printing 
 stacktrace. mysqlbackup might able to recover from this situation.

stack_bottom = 0 thread_stack 0x10000
190506 16:18:30 MAIN TRACE_1: created exception, file: '/export/home/pb2/build/sb_0-29729096-1532351551.24/meb-4.1.2/src/meb/meb_session.cpp'  line: 635  num: 2  msg: 'NULL'
mysqlbackup failed with errors!
190506 16:18:30 MAIN TRACE_2: [CLOSE] 8:/opt/CA/Spectrum/mysql/data/ib_logfile0
190506 16:18:30 MAIN TRACE_2: [CLOSE] 9:/opt/CA/Spectrum/mysql/data/ib_logfile0
190506 16:18:30 MAIN TRACE_2: [CLOSE] 10:/opt/CA/Spectrum/SS-DB-Backup/db_20190506_1549.DDMDb.tmpdir/datadir/ibbackup_logfile
190506 16:18:30 MAIN    INFO: Setting server system variable 'old_alter_table' back to '0'.
190506 16:18:30 MAIN TRACE_1: Executing MySQL query 'SET @@GLOBAL.old_alter_table = 0'


The mysql database is still running as type myisam.  It needs to be converted to innodb to work with the perl script (


Component: SPCAPP


Manually run the convert script to convert mysql from myisam to innodb using the "" script: