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AWA DB LOAD of jar solution produces Application return code = 1


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CA Automic One Automation


An "Application return code = 1" is received when using the DB Load utility "ucybdbld" to load an RA Solution JAR file.

Example when loading an RA Solution JAR file:

[[email protected] bin]$ ./ucybdbld -B -C0000 -X/automic/atmapp/Rapid.Automation/RA.Informatica/InformaticaAgent_solution.jar
Starting C++ batch mode loader...
User account (user/domain) <AUTOMIC/>
Startup parameter <-B -C0000 -X/automic/atmapp/Rapid.Automation/RA.Informatica/InformaticaAgent_solution.jar >
Application name <./ucybdbld>
Launch from </automic/aepoc01/Automation.Platform/Utility/bin/>
LoadLibrary pointer = <0xb499a0>
Application return code = 1


The RA Solution JAR can only be loaded using the ucybdbld.jar application, not the ucybdbld application.


Release: Automic Workload Automation
Component: Utility


Please use the ucybdbld.jar file to load the JAR package into the AWA database as in the example below:

Java -jar ./ucybdbld.jar -B -X/automic/atmapp/Rapid.Automation/RA.Informatica/InformaticaAgent_solution.jar

**Example uses RA Informatica solution but this applies to all RA Solution JAR files**
**The path to the RA Solution JAR should be changed to match the file path in your environment**