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2E model upgrade using YAPYMDLCHG and get [email protected]


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Run YAPYMDLCHG in 2E and get error referencing a [email protected]                        
Error msg:
YAPYMDLCHG 40 16/05/19 14:01:13.964039 [email protected] Y2SY *STMT QCMD From module . . . . . . . . : [email protected]
From procedure . . . . . . : [email protected]
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 44200 Message . . . . : Previous conversion of Model XXXXXX not completed CAUSE: A previous execution of YAPYMDLCHG for model XXXXXX failed to complete, so model contains work files whose names begin with 'Z'. RECOVERY: (1) Determine cause of failure and correct error. Consult customer support if uncertain. (2) Restore model from a backup and re-run YAPYMDL command.


Component: C21E


For this error, look in your model and look for files starting with Z.
If a "Z" files is found, do the following:
1.  Check if it is empty.  If so, then delete it.
2.  Are there any dependent files, research dependencies to see if you can delete the dependency and the Z file as well. 
3.  Rerun your Rerun YAPYMDLCHG.