Javelin: Using Encrypted String in SQl command


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


In Javelin we use an encrypted password for connecting to databases.

The string is detected as an encrypted string and decrypted by Javelin on-the-fly.

I want to use the same decryption within a SQL query element to decrypt a text field in a database using the SQL command DecryptByPassphrase. (do not want the passphrase to be stored in plain text in the Javelin workflow).

I would like to use the same mechanism used by the Javelin SQL Server element 'ExecuteQuery' and use an encrypted string that is decrypted by the application (stored with '^_^' in front and at the end of the string).

Is the a way to do this?


Component: TDMJAV


After installing version 4.7 the password is automatically decrypted using a SQL Server element.