DB2 UDB 11 Masking
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DB2 UDB 11 Masking


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Our customer has DB2 with version AIX 64 bit.

We have checked docops and found that we cannot use Datamaker for masking processes.
Does this mean that we cannot do inflight masking?

I cannot find any export & import utility in FDM as well.
Should we need only a golden copy for the masking process?


Test Data maker
Fast Data Masker


The only way to accomplish this (minus some key functions such as Hashlov and HASHLOV1) is using a Data Generator to do this.

GT-Subset doesn’t have an option for either UDB or AS400.

Note: this only works well for small amounts of data such as an individual entity (Insurance Policy, Individual Customers) or small groups of them.
It is not good for massive movements.

Additional Information

If I need to mask two tables in different schemas with referential integrity, what should I do it with FDM?

I cannot use Xref and cross-reference options.

Is it working (InPlace masking with FDM) with tables in the same schema only?
You should be able to accomplish it with xref/xlookup functions, so review the documentation on those functions in publishing. 

Data Generation Functions and Parameters (broadcom.com)