Root causes for client connection issues
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Root causes for client connection issues


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CA Mobile Device Management


Troubleshooting MDM client connection issues


Component: MBDMGT


CA MDM Client Troubleshooting Document.

  1. Please check that “CA MDM Client” Service is running. If not, then please start the service.
  2. Please check if Client is able to connect after clicking on “Connect” button.
  3. Check C:\ProgramData\CAMDMClient\Data\ folder to see that Log files are getting generated. Check these logs to see if there are any errors.
  4. Check C:\Program Files (x86)\CAMDMClient\Bin\InstallLogs.log to see if there were any errors during Installation.
  5. Enable the Monitor logs by just adding “MonitorTrace” registry in HKLM/Software/CAMDM/CAMDM/Client/ and set its value to 1(DWORD)
  6. Check if there is C:\Program Files (x86)\CAMDMClient\XcMonitorLog.txt, this file will have information on schedule related connects.
  7. Compare the HKLM/Software/CAMDM/CAMDM/ Client registry set with a device which is working fine. Ensure that registries are not corrupted.
  8. Compare the C:\Program Files (x86)\CAMDMClient\Bin\ folder structure with a device which is working fine. Ensure that all the files are existing
  9. Check if there is a need to restart the machine, as part of other client software installation.
  10. Check if client is able to connect after Restarting the CAMDM Client Service.
  11. Ensure that Channel (Client is attempting to execute) is published.
  12. Check if the client is able to communicate with other servers by editing the values in CAMDM Client GUI.
  13. Check Event viewer logs for any CAMDM client binary crashes or CAMDM related errors.
  14. Check the task manager to see that XcMonitor.exe is always running, this component is responsible for triggering schedules.
  15. Check that 8002 Port for HTTP and 8443 for HTTPs protocol are not disabled. These port numbers are not dedicated and could be changed from Server. Whatever the port, client is attempting to connect, check that there are no issues on that Port.
  16. Capture wireshark trace by filtering on Client IP at Load balancer. If the client is hitting Relay server directly then capture these traces on Relay Server. Check if this trace files have information of interest.
  17. Files to be collected for L2 Analysis and Debugging
  18. Entire C:\Program Files (x86)\CAMDMClient\Bin\ folder.
  19. Entire C:\ProgramData\CAMDMClient\ folder.
  20. Export the entire HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CAMDM\ registry content.
  21. Event logs filtered on "CAMDM" or "CA MDM" key words.
  22. Wire shark trace from LB/Relay server