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Unable to see data for a custom metric family in OpenAPI


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After installing a custom metric family ( ex: Ligowave ) the metric shows "no data available in table"  We verified this by adding a query expression in the odata api:



Disconnect between DA and OpenAPI


CAPM 3.x


To resolve do the following:

1. Confirm data is in the tables for vertica.  Connect to vsql and run the following queries
  • select TO_TIMESTAMP(min(tstamp)), TO_TIMESTAMP(max(tstamp)) from ligowave_rate;
  • select TO_TIMESTAMP(min(tstamp)), TO_TIMESTAMP(max(tstamp)) from ligowave_eqd;
  • select TO_TIMESTAMP(min(tstamp)), TO_TIMESTAMP(max(tstamp)) from ligowave_ltd;

2. Assuming current data is returned do the following:

  • http://<da>:8581/system/console/bundles (username and password is karaf / karaf)
  • Search the page for "odata".  There are 4 bundles with an odata prefix.  Stop / Start each bundle using the buttons at the right

Retest the query expression as noted above and it should work


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