Auto Submission of Clarity Timesheets


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Can Clarity timesheets be submitted automatically. We have an acquisition company that we are gradually integrating into Clarity. They would like to know if there is a method or process already defined in Clarity that would permit automated submission of timesheets. Say 40 hrs to a generic project. these employees would only edit the timesheet if they incurred exception or 'other' investment time. this would help integrate the acquisition resources slowly onto our infrastructure and projects.


Component: PPMTMM


In terms of any out of the box auto submission it is not available. You would need to create a custom process with utilizing GEL/XOG to be able to submit timesheets. I have seen this done with other customers so it is possible just requires this customization to be built. Global Delivery team might have a solution like that but you would need to engage through your account rep to be able to connect with them.