How to change a wrong CPC name in a DCI policy
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How to change a wrong CPC name in a DCI policy


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Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


What is the correct procedure to change the CPC name on a DCI policy?

An existing DCI policy contains an incorrect or invalid CPC name.


CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) 2.0 on z/OS


  1. on the Policies List panel of the ISPF interface of DCI, edit the wrong policy, typing an E in front of it
  2. on the next panel, type E in front of the CPC row
  3. change the CPC name
  4. hit PF3 and return to the policy definition panel
  5. edit any CG and SYS entry related to the CPC (type E in front of any entry)
  6. change the CPC ID value for each selected entry
  7. PF3 to save each entry
  8. when all the entries have been modified, hit PF3 again
  9. hit PF3 key again on the confirm panel to save the modified policy

Additional Information

"Edit a Policy" section on DCI documentation.