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Which file formats can Data Protection extract data from?


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CA Security Command Center CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting


CA Data Protection (DataMinder) uses a third party text extraction utility to extract data which is parsed against compliance policies.  The latest build of Data Protection (15.2) uses HP Autonomy Keyview 10.23 

Which file formats can CA Data Protection (DataMinder) extract data from?


Data Protection 15.2


The following formats are supported for Text Extraction.

Archive formats

7-Zip (7Z)
AD1 (ad1sr)
BinHex (HQX0
Bzip2 (BZ2)
Expert Witness Compression Format (Lx01)
Gzip (GZ)
Java Archive (jar)
Legato EMailXtender Archive (emx)
MacBinary (bin)
Mac Disk Copy Image (dmg)
Microsoft Backup File (bkf)
Microsoft Cabinet File (cab)
Microsoft Compile HTML Help (chm)
Microsoft Compressed Folder (lzh\lha)
PKZip (unzip)
RAR (rar)
Tape Archive (tar)
Unix Compress (z)
UUEncoding (uue)
Windows scrap file (shs)
Winzip (zip)

Application Formats
Microsoft Viso (vsd)
Microsoft Project (mpp)
Microsoft Publisher (pub)
Adobe PDF (pdf)
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Powerpoint (ppt\pptx)
OASIS Open Document Format
Microsoft Excel for Macintosh (xls)
Microsoft Excel for Windows (xls)
Microsoft Word for Macintosh (doc)
Microsoft Word for Windows (doc\docx)
Microsoft Works (wps)

Mail Formats
Ducumentum (emcmf)
Domino (dxl)
GroupWise FileSurf (gwfs)
Legato Extender (onm)
Lotus Notes db (nsf)
Mailbox (mbx)
Microsoft Entourage (entsr)
Microsoft Outlook (msg)
Microsoft Outlook Express (eml)
Microsoft Outlook Calender (ics, vcs)
Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh (olm)
Microsoft Outlook Offline storage (ost)
Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage (pst)
Microsoft Outlook vCard Conatct (vcf)
Test Mail (MIME)
Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (tfefsr)


Additional Information

Please note that some functionality is limited based upon the software release.