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Enter ETC in OWB on expense resource, then ETC is multiplied by 3600 when saving project back to PPM


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Created a new project in PPM and from OWB and entered in ETC for resource expense, for example:10,000, when the project is saved the value in PPM is now 36,000,000 (calculation: 10000*3600 = 36,000,000). 

Have this problem with all projects, all resources, all OWB installations. 


1. Create a Expense Role in PPM by going to ‘Home’ -> ‘Resources’ -> ‘New’ -> select ‘Role’ for ‘Resource or Role’ -> select ‘Expense’ for ‘Resource Type’ 

2. Create a project with one task 

3. Assign this Expense Role to the project and Task 

4. Open the task into OWB 

5. Right click on the task in OWB and select ‘Modify’ 

6. Go to ‘Resources’ tab 

7. Type in i.e. 10,000 for ‘Estimate’ field for this Expense Role -> click on ‘OK’ 

8. Save the project back to PPM 

9. Go to the Task Properties page 

Expected Result: To see 10,000.00 for ETC and EAC 

Actual Result: See 36,000,000.00 for ETC and EAC (Calculation: 10,000 x 3600) 


CA PPM v15.4


This was raised as a defect, the defect number is DE42651.  This is targeted to be fixed in v15.6.1