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Unable to start the Admin UI for Single Sign On(Site-minder)


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


When we're starting the AdminUI, this one cannot start properly and
report error :

  Error: Protocol handler initialization failed, address already in use

How can we solve it ?


Release: MSPPSF99000-12.51-Single Sign-On-Agent for Oracle PeopleSoft-MSP


At first glance, you get this error because :

  - Another process than the AdminUI is running and uses one of the
    ports needed by the AdminUI;
  - There still another instance of the AdminUI running and using
    already all the AdminUI ports;
  - There's a permission issue on the OS;


- Identify the process that uses those ports :


  Run command as root :

  # for i in 5455 8080 8443 5445; do ss -tanp | grep $i; done;

  You should get something like :

  LISTEN     0      128          *:5455                     *:*                   users:(("java",pid=1615,fd=363))
  LISTEN     0      50           *:8080                     *:*                   users:(("java",pid=1615,fd=309))
  LISTEN     0      50           *:8443                     *:*                   users:(("java",pid=1615,fd=396))
  LISTEN     0      128          *:5445                     *:*                   users:(("java",pid=1615,fd=373))

  In this sample, the PID 1615 is using these ports.

  Identify what is the 1615 process and stop it or remove it from the
  system memory using the kill program.

  Once the PID doesn't show up in memory, run again the command :

  # for i in 5455 8080 8443 5445; do ss -tanp | grep $i; done;
  This time, it should return nothing;

  Then start the AdminUI and confirm us this solves the issue; Insure
  there's no permission problem for the AdminUI process and user on
  the OS;