Copy Tasks Within the Same Project
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Copy Tasks Within the Same Project


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What is the quickest way to copy/duplicate tasks within the same project?


Release: 15.x, 16.x


To copy tasks within the same project, try this in Classic PPM

  1. In PPM, go to the Tasks tab of the project. 
  2. Click on the Actions menu on the top right hand corner 
  3. Select the option to 'Copy Task from Template' 
  4. Set the Template Filter from Yes to All (or Click on Show All) 
  5. Filter for the project name or project ID of the same project from step 1 
  6. Select the project from the list, and click on Next 
  7. On the next page that comes up, select the tasks and click on Copy 

Note: The tasks will only copy if the ID of the original task is blank as the tasks ID's need to either be blank or unique per project. If the ID of the original task is populated, please clear it out, and then follow the above steps copy it. 

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