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How do you update the Database Port Number for Jaspersoft?


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How do you update the Database Port # for Jaspersoft for Clarity PPM?

If a change has been made to the port # for the Database this will also have to be updated in Jaspersoft in order for Advanced Reporting reports to be able to work. 


Component: PPMJSP


1. Go to $JSTomcat\webapps\reportservice\META-INF\context.xml 

2. Take a backup of the context.xml file

3 Enter the updated value for the port # 

Note: If the URL field doesn't have a port #, add the port # to the end of the URL and remove the "instance" section if it appears
Example of how the URL line should appear

(Where 1111 is the port # for the database)

3. Restart the Jaspersoft Tomcat service

4. Run the following command: admin update jasperParameter
Important, Jaspersoft service needs to be running when this command is run

Additional Information

See KB000033318 - How to change your Jaspersoft Database password integrated with Clarity PPM