Using VMDMSG to send message to OPERATOR
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Using VMDMSG to send message to OPERATOR


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How can we schedule a request to execute a CP command on the OPERATOR every hour.
I can't seem to get this working.


Running VM:Schedule r2.0 in a z/VM 6.4 environment.


The recommendation is to use VMDMSG.

The VMDMSG EXEC lets you schedule and send routine messages without autologging a virtual machine. A functional VMDMSG EXEC is loaded at installation. This EXEC resides on the CA VM:Schedule™ server runtime minidisk, which by default is the 192. You can execute it through the EXEC command.


Users can issue the VMDMSG EXEC only if you have authorized them on the AUTHORIZ VMDMSG configuration record. You can authorize all users by specifying AUTHORIZ VMDMSG *.

For MSGNOH, the CA VM:Schedule™ service virtual machine requires CP privilege class A or B, or their equivalent.



Additional Information


Create a request called pammsg that schedules the VMDMSG EXEC to send ANDREW a message every Monday at 9:00 a.m. The text of the message is meeting at 10.


vmsched exec pammsg vmdmsg andrew meeting at 10 (at 9:00 on mon again weekly