Process Automation - Process execution is extremely slow
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Process Automation - Process execution is extremely slow


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CA Process Automation Base


PAM processes are either hanging or the execution is very slow. 
The c2o.log is flooded with messages. 
No changes were made to the Database location or to the PAM installation itself. 


CA Process Automation Service Pack 04.3.03 

- Windows Server 2016 Standard, SQL 2008, PAM Version: 4.3.03 


As many errors found, overall backlogs got increased and impacted the PAM performance
deleted/renamed *.log, and restarted the Process Automation service

Also, from the provided config files, 3 files were found.
The problem here is that Java does not read names of files, it only reads extensions. So if 3 found, all being read at start probably with slightly different configurations: 

Please stop the Process Automation orchestrator. 
Delete or move to a folder outside of the Proc Auto file structure these 3 files: 

Restart Process Automation service again