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High CPU usage and Thread usage with wily agent for webMethods


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


We are having an issue with wily agent for webMethods. We've observed the following thread using an excessive amount of CPU.
The thread is waiting on Wily which could be the culprit for the high CPU on com/wily/util/adt/BlockingQueue?
3XMTHREADINFO "Transaction Structure Queue Execution"


Component: APMAGT


The javacore dumps showed that "Transaction Structure Queue Execution" thread was accounted for more than 12% and 15% of the process CPU usage in the 2 separate processes.
The thread call stacks showed waiting state from com/wily/util/adt/BlockingQueue. This was likely due to the thread was scheduled to process transaction data from the queue every 7.5 seconds.
If the process is consistently using CPU every second and having a lot of transaction data being traced, then this thread can take up more than 10% of this process CPU usage over time.