Javelin password variable over-writes the value read from external file


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We developed re-usable Javelin bulk copy and data refresh VWF scripts. The goal is to allow developers and QA to use these scripts by updating / modifying the CSV parameters (host info, user credentials, table list, etc) without learning and opening the VWF file to make changes.

We discovered that there is a bug in Javelin flow. Javelin reads the CSV files' values in variables fine, as the script when into the ForEach loop, it over-writes the password variable value with the one set in the Javelin variables section.



Component: TDMJAV



Made some additional changes to steps without having to hard-code.

Setup some additional variables to use within the flow and assigned the password and sql query (another field having some issue) when password and query first read in.

Used variables on the steps missing the original values.