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Steps for Rebooting of the Servers hosting Primary and Standby CA WADE servers


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


This document provides; as a guideline, the steps to properly reboot the Workload Automation DE servers in an HA configuration.

We would like to know if there are any steps that need to be followed for rebooting of the servers hosting the Primary and stand by servers.


Component: DSRIES


This depends on if you are shutting both Primary and Standby down at the same time. If you want batch processing to continue without interruption, then you can always force a faillover condition by using the changerole process and reboot each server individually. You need to make sure that whichever server you are rebooting is not the active Primary node. That said, if you are wanting to reboot the servers with transparency, then follow this process:
  1. Stop Standby DE services.
  2. Reboot Standby server.
  3. Once server is back online, start the DE services. Wait for status to be updated to "Running as Standby" in the Topology.
  4. Go to CLI perspective and issue changerole command. This will make your Standby server the Active instance..
  5. Once the changerole process completes, you will see the nodes have switched roles.
  6. Now, you can shutdown the Primary DE services.
  7. Reboot Primary server.
  8. Once server is back online, start DE services if not set to start automatically.
  9. The Primary DE manager connects and is automatically switched back to Primary. If it is not automatically switched, then you can issue changerole command to switch it.

If you want a complete environment outage, the follow this process below:
  1. Suspend all events
  2. Shutdown Standby DE services first
  3. Shutdown Primary DE services next
  4. Reboot Primary DE server first in case the DE services are set to auto-start.
  5. This will ensure the Primary server is started as the Primary and not Standby node.
  6. If services on Primary are not set to auto-start, then manually start the DE services on Primary server
  7. Reboot Standby server.
  8. If services on Standby are not set to auto-start, then manually start the DE services on Standby server.
  9. Resume all events.