Authentication issues after upgrade to UIM 9.0.2


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Authentication issue, users login to UMP and then see an unexpected error-> "You do not have the roles required to access this portlet."


UMP wasp-> portal properties file ( file is overwritten during the upgrade.


- UIM 9.0.2, 20.1
- OS: Windows 2012 R2


Post upgrade from UIM v8.5.1 to v9.0.2, or 20.1 -> when the users logged in to UMP, they saw the error:
"You do not have the roles required to access this portlet"

...and the UMP Home drop down selections also contained Control Panel, My Public Pages, My Private Pages, and the User View when they should normally ONLY display the User View in this customer's particular setup/environment. 

The UMP "Liferay" file was overwritten. The following entries were missing:

   #disable public pages for all users 

   #give power users the right to have private pages 

These entries had to be re-added and the wasp then cold started (Deactivated, then Activated)

After that, once the users logged in they saw the customer's expected 'User View' displayed and not ALL of the other unexpected pages under the Go->To drop down, for example: 

   - Control Panel 
   - My Public Pages 
   - My Private Pages 


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