CA Librarian returns error ISPP100 Panel $CCFPN00 error Panel not found


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CA Librarian


After upgrading or applying the last maintenance to CA librarian V4.4 to make it compatible with z/OS 2.2.
User can notice that a new option "C - CCF      - LIBRARIAN Change Control Facility" is now in the primary screen.
An error "ISPP100 Panel '$CCFPN00' error Panel not found" is issued when try to access CCF by typing option “C”.
Why does this error occurs?


The error occur because the LIB/CCF option has not been installed.
User was using a customized version of panel LIBRPDF in previous version, that has been replaced by the panel LIBRPDF of new maintenance version 4.4.


All version of Librarian


Edit panel LIBRPDF and remove line: % C+- CCF - LIBRARIAN Change Control Facility from panel CALUPENU(LIBRPDF) if you do not wish to install the LIB/CCF option.

Additional Information

See doc: "Install the ISPF Options" ->