CABI 4.10 will not install in MySQL environment


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After deploying CABI 4.10 in a MySQL environment, the cabi probe will not start, and turns red almost immediately.

The cabi.log shows :
May 14 10:03:49:828 [main, cabi] activating wasp... 
May 14 10:03:49:833 [main, cabi] ... activated wasp  [time taken=0 minute(s) 0 second(s) (5 ms)] 
May 14 10:03:49:833 [main, cabi] (42) , CABI installer failed with exit code=1 
May 14 10:03:49:833 [main, cabi] setting the lastInstallStatus=4 
May 14 10:03:49:835 [main, cabi] successfully set the lastInstallStatus=4 
May 14 10:03:49:835 [main, cabi] srcFilePath=/opt/nimsoft/probes/service/cabi/cabi.log, srcFilePath.exists=true, tgtFilePath=/opt/nimsoft/probes/service/cabi/cabi_install_archive.log, tgtFilePath.exists=false 
May 14 10:03:51:163 [140667721910080] Controller: Probe 'cabi' (command = <startup java>) returns no-restart code (42) 

Checking the log at /Nimsoft/c/ca_install/uim.log the following error is seen:

[echo]   Message: [Could not connect: Access denied for user 'uim'@'%' to database 'mysql']     [exec]      [echo]   Message: [
Could not connect: Access denied for user 'uim'@'%' to database 'mysql']



The cause for this issue is insufficient privileges on the "mysql" database which is a standard system database on MySQL.

This is a result of following the "Manual Database Creation" process documented here:

Specifically, this document contains the following GRANT statement:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON <uim_db_name>.* TO 'uim_db_owner'@'%';


UIM 9.1.0
CABI 4.10
MySQL 5.x environment


Issue the following MySQL query:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON mysql.* TO 'uim_db_owner'@'%';

where uim_db_owner is the username configured to access the database in the data_engine probe.