How to create Resource Groups in DevTest
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How to create Resource Groups in DevTest


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


You may set up Resource groups to control access for one or more DevTest Servers. You can also limit the access between your Production and your Development group.

Resource groups are defined for one or more DevTest Servers or VSEs and determine the resources that a user or a project can access.


All supported DevTest versions




Here are the steps  to create  resources to limit access:  

1. Login to  Identity Access Manager ( IAM)  using your admin credentials. 
2. Select Users under the Manage menu.Click on Add User and  Create a new user : USER1 or select an existing user. 
3. Select Roles under the Configure menu. Click Add Role. Create a new Role for this user  ex:  DevTestPower
4. In the DevTest Portal, click SettingsAccess Control, Select the Roles. You will see DevTestPower role in the list
5. Click on DevTestPower  and Grant Permissions  
  • Virtual Services Administrator
  • Test/Suite Administrator
  • DevTest Server Administrator

6. Click SettingsAccess ControlResource Groups
7. Click Add Resource Group. The Add New Resource Group  -  SVResourceGroup
8. Select SVResourceGroup   
9. Grant Roles to the Resource Group 
10. In the Type your filter field at the top of the column Select the Component. say  VSE, Coordinator and Simulator ,then click the right arrow >> between the columns to move it to the Assigned field
11.Select Roles in Resource Group - select DevTestPower Role, then click the right arrow >> between the columns to move it into the Assigned column.
12. Click on Access Control, Select the Roles again,  The Roles in Resource Group tab will now be assigned to SVResourceGroup. The Resource Groups tab shows the resource with the associated resource group displayed in the Resource Groups column.
13.  Log back into the portal with the new user added.