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WARNING output in ssg log file after version up to API Gateway v9.3.00-CR04


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


CR04 patch was applied to API Gateway v9.3.00.
After that, below WARNING message is written in ssg log file about every five minutes:
WARNING 165 com.l7tech.util.ConfigFactory$DefaultConfig: Ignoring unknown type ‘boolean’ for validation of property ‘jsonEvalJsonPathAcceptEmptyArray’

Customer does not define the Cluster-wide property ‘jsonEvalJsonPathAcceptEmptyArray’. Now, no reference in their policies created.

Customer Question:
1. why is this output?
2. what is the resolution?

- Support applied CR04, but has not observed such message at all.
- On the other hand, CWP “json.evalJsonPathAcceptEmptyArray” exists.
Docops: Message Validation Cluster Properties



Product: API Gateway v9.3.00 CR04 (On-Premise)


The property ‘jsonEvalJsonPathAcceptEmptyArray’ was added in CR04, but Boolean validation type is missing for it. It is same property as ‘json.evalJsonPathAcceptEmptyArray’ reflected with dot.

You can ignore, only thing is Gateway will not validate the value of json.evalJsonPathAcceptEmptyArray.

We will address this in CR05.