Save Button appears even if you don't have edit rights for the Task/Team Sub-Pages
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Save Button appears even if you don't have edit rights for the Task/Team Sub-Pages


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Save button appears for users on Team list, Task List, and Assignment section of project even though the user does not have edit rights. This is reproducible in multiple objects (Idea and Project).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new project in Clarity
  2. Add one team member to the project
  3. Add one task to the project
  4. Assign the team member to the task
  5. Create a New Labor Resource in Clarity
  6. Assign the user the following access: 
    • Projects Navigate - Global Right 
    • Project View - Instance Level Right for the project created in step 1
  7. Login to Clarity as the newly created Resource.
  8. Navigate to the project created in step 1
  9. Go to the Team tab and Task tab (on the task tab, make sure to click Show All so all tasks show up, you won’t see the Save button if there are no tasks in the results)

Expected Results: The Save button does not display
Actual Results: The Save button displays even though if the user clicks Save it does not save any changes to the project

Note: If you click on the task and view the assignments section, there is also a Save button displayed there as well. This happens if there is at least one resource assigned to the task as in the above steps to reproduce. 


Release: All Supported
Component: Clarity Usability


This issue was reviewed as DE49139 and determined to be working as expected in Classic Clarity. If the user does not have edit rights, while the Save button is there, no changes are saved. 

In the Modern (New) User Experience (UX), users will not see a save button. If a user does not have rights to save changes to a cell, when a user tries to edit a cell,  the new UX will present the user with a toast message for rows where the access to that specific row instance is not authorized.