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snmpcollector can't import devices: UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION nisMetadata must not be null or empty


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When I query the discovery_server from the snmpcollector probe the operation succeeds:

"Profiles from discovery_server are being imported"

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However, no device is actually imported. 

The snpcollector.log contains this errror:

May 08 16:12:32:314 [Thread-7, snmpcollector] Could not import devices from discovery server because of error: UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION caused by: Unhandled exception thrown in callback: nisMetadata must not be null or empty
May 08 16:12:32:314 [Thread-7, snmpcollector] (1) error, Received status (1) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'get_devices'



UIM 8.5.1
snmpcollector 3.44



This error can be related to an issue occurring in the discovery_server and the udm_manager probe. 


We have seen the following actions resolving this issue:

1. Deactivate the discovery_server 
2. Deactivate the udm_manager probe 
3. deactivate snmpcollector 

4. Execute against your UIM database the following query*:


5. Start discovery_server
6. Start udm_manager
7. start snmpcollector

*The query deletes cached data. no current data is lost by executing this query. 


Additional Information

If the procedure doesn't fix the issue please engage UIM support and provide the following information:

8. Set log level to 5 in the snmpcollector probe and logsize to 10000 
9. Set log level to 5 in the discovery_server and logsize to 10000 
10. Set log level to 5 in the udm_manager probe and logsize to 10000 

>> Reproduce the issue (Import devices) > Mark down the time the test was done 
if it reproduces please attach: 

- snmpcollector.log 
- discovery_server.log and discovery_server.cfg 
- udm_manager.log and udm_manager.cfg 
- timestamp when the test was done. 


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