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Unified Logon error when trying to initiate a RC session to Agents.


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


The following error is received while trying to take remote control of certain Agents:

"The Host's security configuration does not support Unified Logon. Please enter a username & password"

Reviewing permission configuration everything is correct and trying to take remote control of other Agents within the same group using the same user, works perfectly.


Reviewing TRC_URC_MANSRV_0.log, the following messages can be seen:

|INFO | CRCViewer::ProcessHostVersionInfo Host returned security Type? : managed
|INFO | CRCViewer::ProcessHostVersionInfo Host returned authority list? : unixl://agent.local,
|INFO | CRCViewer::ProcessHostVersionInfo Host returned scheme list? : unixl:(local),ldap:(plain),ldaps:(plain),x509cert:(dsm),
|DETAIL | connected
|NOTIFY | Verifying username and password...
|INFO | CRCViewer::LoginHost: Logging in to host agent.local:798:4728 using LOGINPACKETVERSION: 5
|INFO | CRCViewer::InitialSecureHostLogin: entered
|INFO | Update Graphical View
|INFO | Add history line: Verifying username and password...
INFO | Verifying username and password...

WARNING| Unable to create a suitable authentication object for the user: winnt://domain/user
WARNING| No username was specified: Implies the host doesn't support unified logon



Client Automation 14 all releases.


Based on the logs, it seems that a mismatch of Remote Control DB tables is present.

The way to solve this is to delete the Agent from DSM Explorer and then wait until it gets registered again..