Unified Logon error when trying to initiate a RC session to Agents.
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Unified Logon error when trying to initiate a RC session to Agents.


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


The following error is received while trying to take remote control of certain Agents:

"The Host's security configuration does not support Unified Logon. Please enter a username & password"

Reviewing permission configuration everything is correct and trying to take remote control of other Agents within the same group using the same user, works perfectly.


Client Automation 14 all releases.


Reviewing TRC_URC_MANSRV_0.log, the following messages can be seen:

|INFO | CRCViewer::ProcessHostVersionInfo Host returned security Type? : managed
|INFO | CRCViewer::ProcessHostVersionInfo Host returned authority list? : unixl://agent.local,
|INFO | CRCViewer::ProcessHostVersionInfo Host returned scheme list? : unixl:(local),ldap:(plain),ldaps:(plain),x509cert:(dsm),
|DETAIL | connected
|NOTIFY | Verifying username and password...
|INFO | CRCViewer::LoginHost: Logging in to host agent.local:798:4728 using LOGINPACKETVERSION: 5
|INFO | CRCViewer::InitialSecureHostLogin: entered
|INFO | Update Graphical View
|INFO | Add history line: Verifying username and password...
INFO | Verifying username and password...

WARNING| Unable to create a suitable authentication object for the user: winnt://domain/user
WARNING| No username was specified: Implies the host doesn't support unified logon



Based on the logs, it seems that a mismatch of Remote Control DB tables is present.

The way to solve this is to delete the Agent from DSM Explorer and then wait until it gets registered again..