ACF2 SAFRPTCR report indicates an inactive certificates value of zero


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Reviewing the ACF2 SAFRPTCR report and at the bottom there is a totals
summary page and one of the entries states:

Inactive Certificates ...... 00 

Can you elaborate on what an "Inactive Certificate"  indicates.



Component: ACF2MS


The following is related to the certificate ACTIVE date: 
Inactive Certificates ..... 00 

The definition of the CERTDATA ACTIVE (date) field is: 

Specifies an optional activation date in the format "mm/dd/yy". This date is not the same as the not-before validity date in the certificate itself. This date gives the security administrator 
the ability to specify when the profile record associating the user to the certificate becomes active. This date must fall in the range of the certificate's not-before and not-after 
validity dates and must be earlier than the CERTDATA record expiration date, if one exists. 

Essentially a zero value for Inactive Certificates indicates that no certificates are marked for future activation based on the Active Date within the SAFRPTCR report.