JDE Agent Truncates Large JDE Job IDs
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JDE Agent Truncates Large JDE Job IDs


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


JDE has it's own job IDs which increment automatically. The JDE agent receives these job IDs and uses this number for tasks. It has been discovered that at a certain point the JDE agent will truncate the JDE Job ID if it is too large. This effectively stops the JDE agent from working correctly.

When this occurs, JDE jobs within the Automation Engine started failing and a similar message to the one below can be found within the JDE agent trace files:

20181003/121042.545 - 34 Thread-8: JDEdwardsAgentImpl: Status:1.000264E7 D     <-----Number should be an integer job ID from JDE


Release: AUTOME99000-2.0-Automic-Oracle Retail MOM-Enterprise Edition


Workaround: The JDE administrator can reset the JDE Job ID increment to start from 0 so new jobs will have low Job IDs again. This is only temporary as the issue will reoccur once the Job IDs have reached a high number.

This issue is scheduled to be resolved in the RA.JD.Edwards 2.2.1 release.
*At this time a release date for this version of the agent has not been set.