How can I show CA IDMS system level and maintenance?
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How can I show CA IDMS system level and maintenance?


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Auditors may ask for information about how to show all changes (configuration, patches, etc.) from the database. They may want a report or screenshot that shows all changes implemented & the dates. With that, auditors could prove there was or wasn't a change that occurred within specific time periods.


This question may arise in any CA IDMS operating system and implementation. 


The status will be easiest to track if a site uses CA CSM to apply all CA IDMS software maintenance. There are a couple of options to get some of this information:
First approach:
1- Log on to the CV and at 'Enter next task Code' enter DCPROFIL;
2- The first thing displayed will be the base tape that's applied. Its in the format GJXXNY. This format is translatable as follows:
     GJ - identifies IDMS
     XX - a code to represent the tape level
              eg: I0   = 18.0
                    I5   =  18.5
                   J0   =  19.0
    N -  number indicating the base or incremental release;
             0 = base level
             n = incremental post-base install level (1, 2, 3, 4, etc)
    Y - indicates whether this was base or incremental install. B = Base. I = incremental 
    For example, GJJ04I indicates a system running 19.0 that has the IR4 Incremental release also installed. GJI50B indicates a CV running base tape for 18.5. 
3- The last page(s) of the DCPROFIL output will show which products have been enabled in the RHDCPINT (Product Intent) Module, This indicates which products are allowed to run on this CV> 
A second source of information is CA CSM itself. In CSM you can: 
1- Go to the SMP/E Tab
2- Select the CSI where you want to display the maintenance.
3- Here you can filter by APPLIED but it does not show you the date that it has been applied.
4- If the maintenance was applied with CA CSM and you do not delete your task outputs you can go to the TASK Tab, Task History, then filter by the userid that apply's the maintenance and also filter by APPLIED. That will show you all maintenance jobs that were applied with MSM,

A third source of info is TSO SMP/E . There, you can:
1- do a CSI query on the TARGET ZONE and then
2- display all the SYSMODs.
3- When you select the PTF it will give you the date it was applied in Julian format.
4- Then you can use the Julian Charts at the following website to convert that to the actual date the PTF was applied. Julian Date Chart:
That will tell you when the PTF was applied to the TARGET ZONE; it won't tell you when it was actually deployed.
5- If the changes were DEPLOYED with CA CSM to your production system then in CSM
   a- Go to DEPLOYMENT Tab
   b- Click Deployments
   c- Look under "deployed". As you can see in this screen shot, it will list all of the deployments and their date. 

<Please see attached file for image>

CMS Deployment Screen


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