Explore/CICS does not record information when task is purged


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CA Explore Performance Management for z/VSE


We noticed that when we FORCEPURGE a task, usually because it is looping, its information is not saved. EXPRPT is not able to list information for that particular task.

Is there a way to save information about a FORCEPURGEd task?

We usually purge it under Explore/CICS, by typing a P in front of the looping task and confirming YES to message below:

EXPC615A Enter YES to confirm: CEMT SET TASK(35744) FORCEPURGE

As I understand, Explore CICS issues a plain CEMT SET TASK(35744) FORCEPURGE



Component: EXPC


Explore writes data simultaneously to both the archive file and the flashback file. The flashback file is a wrap around file designed primarily to make short term historical data available online and for flashback reports. The archive file is designed for holdng data for long term storage, the data in the archive file should be regularly archived and reset.

Some reasons you may not have seen data for the transaction that was purged are:

1. You were looking online before the data buffer was flushed and data written to the archive and flashback files.

2. You were running a flashback report against the archive file.

3. You were running a flashback report against the flashback file, but the file had wrapped around and the data for the transaction you were interested in was no longer available.