How to start debugging using DFHEXCI
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How to start debugging using DFHEXCI


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InterTest - CICS


How can we debug an EXCI batch program via CA InterTest for CICS?
We can't get Intertest to 'hook in'.
We have tried various settings under Profile, but no debugging is starting.
What are the correct settings for debugging using batch/EXCI?





Please try to trap this program like for a back ground task.
Let's assume the program is called PROGRAMA that gets invoked by the EXCI batch program. 
Please try the following - it's important to update the profile before setting the UBP: 
- At a clear screen in CICS enter LIST=PROGRAMA and press enter. 
- When the source appears press PF4 for the profile record. 
- On the profile record set: 
From terminal ID = .ANY 
BKPT terminal ID = XXXX - Terminal ID to receive the breakpoint displays 
***your current terminal ID which it should default to for the BKPT terminal ID *** 
User ID = .ANY 

You can also try: 
From terminal ID = .NO 
instead of .ANY. 
- Press enter and you return to the source. 
- Select option 1 for the PROCEDURE division and set a U unconditional breakpoint at the FIRST line of code. 

Once the breakpoint is set, in the COMMAND line enter CNTL=INQ and press enter and you will see the breakpoint that was set using the information from the PROFILE record entries. 
Go to a CLEAR screen in CICS and start the process to invoke PROGRAMA.