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SOI Email Action on service not being executed


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


I've created a Service with 3 sub-services. Each one of these sub-services was created by a Service Discovery Policy. An escalation policy to send an email is applied to the top level service, when all of the service is effected I am getting email only on the alert on the top level service. Shouldn't I get 3 email from 3 service since all 3 sub-services are effected?


Release: SSADSC99000-4.2-Service Operations Insight-Data Source Capacity


- When you have a service created or published from a connector you have to apply the email policy to each of the service in the topology.
- When you have a service created manually from service modeler you can apply the email policy to the top level service in the topology and it'll send email on each service effected.