No new alarms in IM Alarm View


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


We are not getting new alarms on Infraestruture Manager, so monitoring is down. There are no Alarms shown in nas configuration gui


the alarm_enrichment probe does not process alarms. The alarm_enrichment queue is not draining


UIM 8.x
nas 4.73


deactivate alarm_enrichment
deactivate nas
verified the nas probe version 4.73 is in the archive
created a backup copy of the nas probe folder
delete nas and alarm_enrichment in IM
delete the Nimsoft\probes\service\nas folder
empty the alarm_enrichment queue in the hub configuration gui
deploy nas from the archive
alarms started to come into IM Alarm view.
deactive nas probe again and move back the nas.cfg from the backup folder.
activate nas and it appears everything is still working properly.