Xendesktop probe is not monitoring citrix licences in use
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Xendesktop probe is not monitoring citrix licences in use


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have the xendesktop probe setup and are trying to monitor the number of Citrix licences in use but we do not see these metrics in UMP 
We also enabled the alarms around this but no alarms are produced either.


Any UIM release


There was no value being produced for metric "LicensingGracePeriodTimesRemaining" on the Citrix side. 

The following will help confirm if the relevant metric is being populated or not: 

Login to the XenDesktop Controller as domain user Open PowerShell command prompt Run the following cmdlet for verification. 
1.Add-PSSnapin Citrix.*.Admin.v2 

The output of the above commands should be key, value pairs including "LicensingGracePeriodTimesRemaining" as a key.
If the value for this is empty {} then this indicates that Citrix side configuration is required.
The following link may help: